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Spring Farm, Colts Hill, Tunbridge Wells

Existing use – redundant small farm with dilapidated Farm House

Planning achieved – extension to 6 Bedroom farmhouse and conversion of redundant 5 Bedroom Oast House

Spring Farm was clearly a gem of a site which had been laying redundant for a number of years prior to the current owner getting in touch. They had suffered numerous planning setbacks along with rising cost from architects and consultants. We approached the project from a different perspective, lobbying both local parish councillors and neighbours to get their support.

Utilising a change in policy (NPPF) we proved that both the extension to the farmhouse and conversion of the Oast were only viable option for the site to survive. After a total of 3 years’ work, Spring Farm received planning. The owners were able to sell the development and retire to the West Country mortgage free and the project is now underway with the new owners. Below are some pictures of how the Farm and Oast House will look.

Original site value: £675,000
Net total revenue to land-owner:Post planning & sale £1,225,000
Net value increase: £525,000

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