About us

Country House Homes is a Kent based company dedicated to working in partnership with land owners to maximise the value of their land. The company was formed by local planning and development experts who have the skills and knowledge to ensure the best chance of achieving planning permissions.

Constant changes in planning policies and housing needs mean that opportunities which exist today may not be around for much longer. Our in-depth knowledge of these local policies and planning personnel means we enjoy an impressive track record in achieving success.

Most importantly, we do all the work at our risk, you don’t pay for anything. On achieving planning we simply have the option to purchase your land at a pre-agreed price. Entering into a land agreement can be seen as a big decision which is why we adopt a flexible and transparent approach. The aim of this agreement is to ensure we all have the same objectives.

Whether you are the owner of a large garden, a commercial site or simply have some land you think might be of interest, we’d really like to hear from if you.

Matthew Stevens
Managing Director