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Hog Hill, Bearsted

Existing use – overgrown small amenity land

Planning achieved – 3 x 4 bedroom town houses

The site at Hog Hill already benefited from planning permission for a pair of semi-detached houses. Our view was that the site was capable of sustaining a much more valuable scheme. This site required an understanding of the local market in order to maximise the value. Bearsted is a highly desirable village and developments close to the green and station always attract a high premium.

By reducing garden space and creating a 3rd floor, we designed a layout which could support a terrace of 3 x 4 Bedroom townhouses. The final designs were contemporary and extremely well suited to this market allowing for it to gross close to £1m. It’s fair to say that this development was real battle for us however through perseverance and hard work (over 2 years) we were able to achieve planning permission for the new scheme. Consequently the landowner achieved well over twice their original value!

Original site value: £145.000
Net total revenue to land-owner:Post planning & sale £520,000
Net value increase: £375,000

CHH designed the absolute maximum amount of development in a very tight space which delivered a lovely scheme and also a good deal of uplift for me and my family.

- Mr and Mrs Baxter

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