Tresmond Egerton – Net increase in value of £235,000

Tresmond Egerton
Country House achieved planning for a replacement detached five bedroom home. The new dwelling replaced an inter-war colt bungalow that whilst attractive in appearance was suffering structurally and was not mortgable.

Facts and figures:

  • Original site value – £50,000
  • Net total revenue to landowner post planning and sale – £285,000
  • Net increase in value of £235,000

Our viewpoint
The elderly owners of the original building were in a desperate situation, needing a form of income to provide a retirement fund and a new home. Their current home was falling apart on them and no one would purchase the property given its structural problems and vagaries of the planning system.

Replacing an existing dwelling within the countryside can be difficult, especially when the original property is very small and the proposed replacement is significantly larger. The use of Kent vernacular design with attractive external facades assisted greatly in this case and permission to replace the original 2 bedroom bungalow with a 5 bedroom detached house was duly granted. The original homeowners now live in a small property in Headcorn with a fund to sustain their retirement.