Sylvan Crest & Putlog, Broomfield, Road Kingswood – Net increase in value of £600,000

Sylvan Crest & Pulog, Broomfield Road, Kingswood

Country House achieved planning for dwelling, Putlog, in the garden land of Sylvan Crest. The homeowner wished to create a new home in the garden land for her own occupation enabling the sale of the host property.

Facts and figures:

  • Original site value – £350,000
  • Net total revenue to landowner post planning and sale – £950,000
  • Net increase in value of 171% – £600,000

Our viewpoint

The homeowner recognized the potential of her garden land and realized that it could be possible to create a new home, sell the host property and have a mortgage free lifestyle.

The planning approval was not straightforward being close to the village boundary and abutting open countryside. Despite the difficulties full planning permission was attained as was approval for the subsequent planning conditions. Our client is now happily in residence of her new home and is enjoying life without the burden of a mortgage.