Fairways, Benover Road, Yalding – Net increase in value of £350,000

Fairways, Benover Road, Yalding
Country House achieved planning for a new build 5 bedroom detached home within the garden land of Fairways.

Facts and figures:

  • Original site value – £900,000
  • Net total revenue to landowner post planning and sale – £1,250,000
  • Net increase in value of 39% (£350,000)

Our viewpoint
Fairways was an ideal garden plot development. The land had the potential of providing the owner with a substantial retirement fund however the difficulties of securing the planning approval, planning conditions and subsequent development left the landowner with some considerable issues and daunting negotiations.

Our involvement & guidance unlocked the landowners potential income resulting enabling them to be able to retire with the security of realised assets.